New Lawsuit Filed Against Fresno Over Cannabis Licenses

Thankyou to author David Taub for bringing this to our attention.

David writes..

A new lawsuit claims that the city of Fresno’s scoring system for retail cannabis applicants was flawed and unfair. The plaintiffs are asking a judge to put a halt to the system.

Pietro De Santis and Kerry Burrough were among 113 applicants hoping to strike it rich in the “green rush.” But, they said, because of the vague nature of how the applications were scored, they may have lost out on millions of dollars.

“Once we received the breakdown of the scoring, our scores were blatantly wrong.”
 — Kerry Burrough, cannabis license applicant

“We just want the scoring redone. We want it to be a fair scoring and give us an opportunity to be able to be re-scored or appeal our (current) scoring,” Burrough said.

The lawsuit, filed last month in Fresno County Superior Court, alleges the city’s process wasn’t transparent nor was it carried out according to the laws passed by the Fresno City Council.

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New Lawsuit Filed Against Fresno Over Cannabis Licenses

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