“When you look at Colorado on our other border, they’ve brought in around $100 million in increased tax revenue, so this is a really good way of hurting drug cartels and helping our business community and our schools at the same time,” Rep. McCamley said Wednesday. “A lot of people say let’s wait and see what Colorado does. Well how long are we going to wait to see the kind of success that they’ve had? It’s already there!”

The bill, most of which addresses the “Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act,” is similar to a bill Rep. McCamley sponsored last session, which was killed in a House committee.

“It’s disappointing, but it’s not surprising,” said Rep. McCamley after last session’s bill was killed. “What this is, is the first step in a process. No one has ever come to the state with a framework for how we would make this happen before, and so it’s a process.”

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