New Poll Shows Widespread Support for Psilocybin Research & Rescheduling in UK

Psilocybin Alpha reports

A poll conducted by Drug Science and Psilonautica, in collaboration with YouGov, has found that a majority of Brits support further research into psilocybin.

Among other questions, the poll asked:

To what extent would you support or oppose the government relaxing restrictions on research into the medical use of magic mushroom-based treatments (psilocybin- assisted therapies) for mental health conditions if this didn’t affect how it was classified in criminal law (e.g. as a class A drug)?

The infographic below depicts support across geographies and political leanings, with only 13% of respondents in opposition.

In an Op-ed for Psilocybin Alpha, British MP Crispin Blunt, who launched the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group, discusses this apparent mismatch between the public’s perception of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy and the Home Office’s policies.

Nevertheless, 58% support law changes to permit terminally ill patients to access it with therapy—a demographic for which it is already clinically evidenced to offer otherwise-unattainable solace and peace-of-mind. Tellingly, this rose to 68% with education on clinical research and similar policy advances elsewhere in the world, and opposition shrank to just 9% – the remaining proportion just not having enough information to make a decision.

The results of Psilonautica’s population sampling with DrugScience say more about the compassion and discernment of the British public than they do about psilocybin.

Read the full piece here.

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