Here’s the book blurb…

The Report on Psychedelics Volume I: Learning The Landscape is a must-have document for anyone interested in the emerging psychedelics space.

What’s Included

The Report covers every key element of the sector you need to know about to understand and identify opportunity in the space.

  • Historical context. A historical overview of psychedelics substances, regulation, and a go-forward perspective.
  • The Basics. An explanation of what psychedelics are and how they are used.
  • Clinical Trials Status. Details of clinical trials for psychedelics and their current stage.
  • Legal Status. The status of various psychedelics across different jurisdictions, with a focus on the FDA’s categorization of psychedelic substances.

Download the Report on Psychedelics Volume 1: Learning The Landscape

Download your copy of The Report on Psychedelics Volume I: Learning The Landscape. The Report is provided free thanks to the support of The Neo Stock Exchange.