New South Wales – Australia: Medicinal Cannabis Trials Most Likely Won’t Start Until 2017

3 November 2016

Here’s where we are now according to the ABC report

Premier Mike Baird announced in December 2014 that three trials would be launched in 2016 — one for paediatric epilepsy, one for adults with terminal cancer and another for chemotherapy patients suffering nausea and vomiting.

As 2016 draws to a close, the only one to have begun is the trial for children with epilepsy.

The trial for terminally ill cancer patients, initially meant to begin in early 2016 according to the Government’s own fact sheet, has missed its latest target of a July launch.

The first phase of the trial is supposed to involve about 30 patients to determine the optimum dosage, the delivery method and possible side effects of medicinal cannabis.

The second phase would then test the medicinal cannabis against a placebo in a state-wide trial involving about 300 patients to see whether those who used a cannabis product had better, worse or similar outcomes.

The ABC understands the Government has had trouble sourcing a suitable placebo to test against the medicinal cannabis in order to conduct the second phase of the research, but has also chosen not to begin the first phase until the issue is resolved.

A source has told the ABC the first phase is now unlikely to begin this year and would take about three months to complete.

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