Nosey Neighbors? 5 Tips for Keeping Your Weed Delivery Low-Key

Did you know that twelve states in the US allow medical marijuana to be delivered right to your home? On top of that, six states permit recreational marijuana to be purchased by mail.

But despite this movement towards stigma-free cannabis use, weed delivery is still a touchy subject for many people.

If you’ve been looking to use a weed delivery service but are worried about nosey neighbors or package thieves, we’ve got five easy tips to keep your marijuana purchases private.

Keep reading for quick tips that will help you feel comfortable when get getting weed delivered!

Detail Your Drop-Off Instructions

While you won’t always have this option, you should use it when you can. You can request that your mail carrier place the package in a certain spot, or require that they hand your delivery directly to you.

Either way, you can leave instructions that will eliminate chances for neighbors to see or take your package.

Use a Barrier

If you aren’t able to leave instructions, you can still keep your package out of sight. Fences, plants, trees, and decor are all great ways to keep your weed delivery out of view.

Adding a few physical barriers to the spot where your packages are delivered is an easy way to prevent neighbors from seeing what you receive.

Just make sure your HOA will allow whatever changes you want to make to your property.

Install Security Measures

Just having visible security goes a long way! Whether you opt for a smart doorbell or a basic camera, make sure it’s visible.

Theives and looky-loos will steer clear of your packages. Security cameras can also help you see when your package arrives, and identify any potential thieves.

Track Your Package

An easy way to avoid your package sitting on your step for too long is to know when it’s going to be delivered. Most companies make it quite easy to track your package.

If you’re able, consider being home during the predicted delivery window so you can grab your cannabis as soon as it arrives. You can also alert anyone you live with who might be able to take your package inside for you.

Find a Quality Company

Before you purchase your weed online, make sure you know what the package will look like. Any quality cannabis company will package your delivery discreetly.

When looking at the package, there should be little or no indication of what’s inside. This prevents anyone from being able to identify your delivery as marijuana, even very nosey neighbors.

Tips for Discrete Weed Delivery

Crazy as it may seem, you can now have marijuana sent right to your doorstep! Still, you probably don’t want everyone to know when you receive a purchase from your weed delivery app or website.

These five simple tips will help you keep your purchases private and safe from potential package thieves.

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