Now Published Whitney Economics: 2022 U.S. Cannabis Supply Report (Full Report) …. It Comes At A Hefty Price Tag

Beware they are changing $US5K for it!!!!!

This 2022 Whitney Economics U.S. Cannabis Supply Report is a uniquely granular presentation and assessment of the state of the U.S. cannabis supply. It is intended to inform serious investors, regulators, business operators and policy makers in the cannabis industry. In this report, we provide powerful insights and detail on the U.S. domestic cannabis supply, including legal vs illicit supply, state vs national supply, indoor vs outdoor vs greenhouse – grown cannabis supply, and imported vs exported supply. Additionally, we calculate the total amount of cultivated output required to satisfy all forms of U.S. cannabis consumption, including flower, oil, edible products and more.

This detailed and thorough report is unique because no known analysis to date has provided this level of granularity into the U.S. cannabis supply.

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