Now You Can Even Get CBD Drinks In Sainsburys !

We learn …

Rebelicious, the first CBD infused cream soda in the UK launches in Sainsbury’s

Apparently you can now find your inner rebel at Sainsburys .. who’d have known!

Here’s the blurb

Rebelicious Drinks was set up by Cornish couple Tilly and Barry Avriam, who wanted to create a business that did good, and tasted good. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced and organically grown, root to leaf, bud to branch, fresh from Colorado, using fully recyclable packaging, with vegetable inks. And whatsmore, 5% of all their profits goes to selected environmental charities. Think of them as glitter dusted unicorns, keeping you deliciously hydrated, whilst saving the whales. You get it!

Most drinks cans are only 68% recyclable, and can contribute double the amount of greenhouse gasses than glass bottles. Tilly and Barry wanted to create a company that would reduce this impact and be more environmentally friendly, whilst providing a more fun, unique and exciting option beyond the traditional soft drink. And a Rebelicious single drink costs less than your daily coconut latte, allowing you to tick saving the world off your to do list!

“Cornwall is really starting to feel the pressure of climate change, with rising sea levels and increased intensity of both rain and drought. We are both environmentalists, and wanted to create a business that did good, and helped both the local, and national communities. The product isn’t harmful to the environment, and the CBD is a little taste of something different. We want to use Rebelicious to inspire others to buy more consciously, and make changes that will help tackle climate change. We really do want to bring the eco-rebel out in everyone.” – Tilly Aviram, co-founder of Rebelicious.

So go eco that warrior and say yes I CAN making a difference. Don’t just be a rebel, be Rebelicious!

Find your inner rebel in a Sainsbury’s near you!

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