NY Here we go – Everybody has to get their word in

Remember this in California, remember this in Illinois, remember this in Colorado , remember this in (add state name)..

Now it looks as though something might get on the books the excitement level is building and everybody has and opinion and it being NY  everybody + everybody has an opinion.

We’ll try and follow all without smirking too much.


The NY Daily News is worried about everybody’s favourite concern

Legal pot and roadway safety: Traffic law must forbid driving and marijuana use

We hate to tell you guys but for the last 50 years there’s been a lot of people driving around NY state stoned out of their gourd.

Over at the Albany Business Review.

Legal weed could present a huge problem, says New York construction industry

As lawmakers near a deal on recreational marijuana, industry groups say recreational-use cannabis poses an “unmanageable” insurance risk because of the Scaffold Law.

A reasonably sensible but blindingly obvious article in Forbes


Staten Island Live have an opinion

Here’s how New York will screw up legalized weed (opinion)


As does the Buffalo News Editorial Team

The Editorial Board: New York doesn’t need a marijuana bill that lets impaired drivers off easy


We’ll try and update a couple of times a week as long as the opinion doesn’t get too repetitive !

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