NY: Rep. Mike Lawler, R-Pearl River Wants THC Capped At 15%

Rep. Mike Lawler, R-Pearl River, proposed A.8123 recently to make revisions to the state’s newly-passed Cannabis Law to cap THC levels at 15% for marijuana flowers and 60% for solid concentrates and edibles. Reports The Post Journal

“Frequent consumption of high-potency cannabis can result in serious health conditions, including neurotoxicity and substance use disorders,” Lawler wrote in his legislative justification. “Capping the potency of recreational marijuana will allow New Yorkers to use marijuana as they see fit, while working to reduce the risk of long-term health impacts, including the impacts on our health care system.”

Florida lawmakers have proposed a 10% THC limit on marijuana flowers and a 16% THC limit on edibles sold in Florida’s medical marijuana marketplace. California limits the THC in edible products but not in products that can be smoked while Illinois places a 15% tax on cannabis with THC levels of more than 35%.

U.S. Sens. Diannen Feinstein, D-California, and John Cornryn, R-Texas, are asking the National Institutes of Health to research the impacts of high-potency cannabis and to make a recommendation with the Food and Drug Administration if states should limit THC in marijuana sold in state-sponsored markets.



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