NY Times Article: Legal Marijuana Is The Next Big Internet – Bonanza For Lawyers?

Marijuana could be the industry to help big law back up on its feet after years of treading water.  Daily we read about the bigger firms having to link up with the Chinese or think about what office to close next and so on and so forth

What with all the unknowns legally on a State & Federal level and the range of legal practices the cannabis industry could benefit.

Off the top of our heads we can reel off

  • Pharma
  • Employment / Workplace
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce
  • Health
  • Insurance

the list goes on forever and if the US is the first fully legislated market think of the knowledge and skill base that can be exported as the rest of the world catches up

Here’s the introduction to the NY Times piece published today

HelloMD is at the forefront of a new trend in Silicon Valley: the cannabis tech start-up. As marijuana laws are being loosened across the country, entrepreneurs and investors are creating new businesses to cash in on what they see as an emerging bonanza. Like start-ups in other industries, these firms are trying to use technology to bring speed and efficiency to what has long been a face-to-face, pen-and-paper market. In the process, they are also trying to alter mainstream perceptions of the marijuana industry, shedding the ganja and Rasta imagery to cultivate a wider audience.

“What we see is moms, dads, professionals, old people, everyone wanting access to cannabis,” said Mark Hadfield, the founder of HelloMD. “The old type of experience — go to a crummy dispensary, wait in line — was not going to appeal to the market that we were after, which is everyday Americans, a market that, by the way, is much larger than the old market of — I don’t want to call them stoners, but let’s say, ‘recreationally minded young people.’”

People in the marijuana industry have lately taken to saying that legal marijuana is the next Internet, an untrammeled new market opportunity that is just waiting for its own big brands, the Google and Facebook of pot. But many businesses are also finding that, in an environment of only partial legality, not everything in the marijuana business is smooth sailing.

Full Article At: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/12/technology/marijuana-start-ups-see-an-industry-on-the-cusp-of-a-breakthrough.html?_r=0

Image: Photo Illustration by Louisa Barnes/The Daily Beast


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