NY Times Reports “You Know What Else Has Sold Well During the Pandemic? Weed Edibles”

Pandemic anxiety and mounting concerns about vaping have helped shift sales of cannabis products. Says The Times

Anxious times (say, a global pandemic) call for palliatives, like meditation, exercise or, in some cases, weed. More than a dozen states declared cannabis stores and medical marijuana dispensaries essential businesses, along with pharmacies and grocery stores, as the coronavirus sent millions of Americans home, with or without jobs.

Since March, the cannabis industry has seen an influx of new customers: Eaze, an online cannabis retailer, told The Associated Press that first-time purchases of cannabis were up more than 50 percent in early March. And as fear of inhaled products has risen — spurred partly by studies of “vaping illness” and exacerbated by respiratory risks associated with the coronavirus — many consumers have opted to enjoy cannabis in edible form.


Chris Beals, the C.E.O. of Weedmaps, an online directory for dispensaries, said that according to company data, overall sales of edibles in March were double those in February. He said it could be a result of increased cannabis consumption among habitual users but also “new consumers coming in, who were working from home, dealing with the stresses of Covid.”

Read the full story: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/13/style/weed-edibles-pandemic.html

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