Although rather blunt they are on the mark and it’ll be the same story in Australia


Medicinal Cannabis is a joke in New Zealand.

It has been set up for the pharmaceutical industry to sell their synthetic THC products rather than home grown loose leaf cannabis and that allows the big players to dominate while the local market loose leaf cannabis rots.

We have a solution right in front of us in the form of raw bud cannabis but because of the bullshit nature of NZ, our local solution isn’t allowed.

Currently the Greens, National and Labour are all scrambling to hide their cowardice over the Cannabis referendum and are talking about decriminalisation as a way forward…

Labour would let MPs vote freely on cannabis decriminalisation, opening up narrow path for possible law change

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi says the Government has no intention of pushing forward with cannabis decriminalisation – but his party would allow their MPs to vote freely on the matter if it came up as a members’ bill.

This opens up a narrow path for some form of decriminalisation of cannabis, despite the narrow loss for legalisation at last year’s referendum.

Faafoi made his comments after a new poll showed some form of decriminalisationhad strong majority support – with 49 per cent backing full legalisation and 20 per cent backing just decriminalisation.

…here’s what I say.

Fuck em.

Decriminalisation is actually the worst of all worlds.

On the one hand you get no taxation revenue to pay for drug rehabilitation programs and general taxation for public services.

On the other hand you explode the profits of organised crime because Police can’t threaten anything more than a fine on end users.

So I say allow the spineless politicians to cook up and pass a bullshit decriminalisation law to punish NZ for their half arsed war on drugs bullshit.

You and your gutless politician who have slavishly worshipped the war on drugs, who created the synthetic cannabis mass deaths and who have criminal aliased hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens deserve the worst of both worlds NZ.

Watch gang profits explode while you get nothing to pay for the damage.