NZ Govt Publishes Medicinal Cannabis Scheme – Public Consultation Document

The consultation paper is divided into eight main sections. 

Part A: Context and overview of the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme describes the context, objectives and background to the Scheme, gives a high-level overview of its supporting framework, and discusses Te Tiriti o Waitangi and equity under the Scheme.

Part B: Proposed quality standards  details the proposed quality standards for medicinal cannabis products to ensure they are produced to minimum standards of quality.

Part C: Licensing of products provides an overview of the proposed licensing regime, including the conditions that must be met to be issued a licence. iv MEDICINAL CANNABIS SCHEME

Part D: Distribution of products details how medicinal cannabis products are distributed.

Part E: Proposed prescribing requirements and providing information to prescribers – outlines proposals for the prescribing requirements for medicinal cannabis products and points to information available to assist medical practitioners.

Parts F: Controls for products on the market and proposed licence fees – proposes how products will be monitored after they are allowed on the market and the actions that manufacturers and suppliers will have to take.

Part G: proposed licence fees – set out the proposed fees that would apply to licences issued under the Scheme.

Part H – lists proposals and consultation questions by audience.

The document in full



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New Zealand unveils proposed medical cannabis regulations, aims for 2020 launch


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