If you are voting in OR you may want to read this quickly.

Greetings –
Below you’ll find our endorsements for this election cycle. As we all begin to receive our ballots in the mail over the coming days (ballots are mailed out October 15-20) we hope our endorsements will help inform your voting decisions.

The process that has led to these endorsements has been robust, thorough, and all volunteer driven by members of Oregon’s cannabis community. Our PAC Board consists of 8 members. After assessing dozens of electoral contests across the state we invited select candidates to interview with our PAC Board.

Throughout the many, many hours of thoughtfully conducted interviews we asked candidates, some seeking reelection and some seeking elected office for the first time, questions on the topics of Social and Racial Justice, Enforcement Reform, Oregon Aid and Support, Robberies, among others. After all the interviews were complete the PAC Board reconvened, discussed the interviews, and voted on each of the candidates. We then referred our recommendations to the larger Oregon Cannabis Association Board of Directors where they voted to accept our recommended slate of candidates and thus issued the below endorsements.

The purpose of the Oregon Cannabis Association PAC (OCA PAC) is to educate and elect a majority of candidates across Oregon who will work to support a fair and responsibly regulated cannabis business community. Each election cycle the OCA PAC interviews key statewide, local, and legislative candidates and issue endorsements. We then promote those endorsements to our membership and provide campaign support in the form of in-kind strategic assistance, message training, as well as direct financial contributions to campaigns.

This work underpins the immense amount of policymaking and lobbying we engage in. It forges relationships with elected leaders that we’ve seen can make all the difference in our State Capitol in Salem and in City Halls and County Commissions across the state. As we’ve seen over the past 6 years, the work the OCA PAC does is essential to making Oregon’s cannabis community and trade more prosperous and fair.

Happy voting,
Nathan Howard & Matt Walstatter

OCA PAC, Co-Chairs

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