21 December 2016

Here’s the 22 Page Document

Dispensary Rules - For Public Comment


Weed News reports..

Drafted rules must be first be reviewed by the 14-member Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee, followed by the state Common Sense Initiative, which is operated out of the lieutenant governor’s office. Finally, the rules then need the approval of the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, a panel of state legislators. House Bill 523, the medical cannabis law will allow for people with any of 21 specified diseases or conditions to get a recommendation, not a prescription,  from a doctor to obtain the medical cannabis in the form of plant material only; a cannabis oil, a tincture, an edible or a patch. Under the law, cannabis can be vaped but not smoked. The medical board’s rules provide for the possibility of adding more diseases or medical conditions to the list by under section 4731.302 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Ohio Board of Pharmacy recommended that 40 dispensaries be scattered around the state’s 88 counties to sell medical cannabis to qualifying patients. That number is far fewer than the 1,150 dispensaries proposed in a medical cannabis ballot issue defeated by Ohio voters in 2015.