OLCC Expands Recall of Cura Select Tinctures Tincture labeled as containing THC doesn’t contain THC

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission is expanding its recall of Select brand tincture products produced by Cura CS, LLC. The recall now includes a product labeled as having THC when actually it does not.

The OLCC originally issued a recall on September 21, 2021 after consumers reported using a hemp tincture sold by Cura that was making them “high” even though it was labeled and packaged as not containing any detectable THC, the main psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis.

The recall expansion now includes Select Tincture 30mL THC Drops – 1000mg Unflavored which is only available for sale at OLCC licensed retailers. The OLCC has conducted preliminary tests of the Select Tincture 30mL THC Drops – 1000mg Unflavored and found that it does NOT contain any detectable THC.

The expanded recall affects Select Tincture 30mL THC Drops – 1000mg Unflavored that was produced on May 14, 2021. The OLCC estimates about 630 units were sold beginning June 29, 2021 and about 130 units are still on the shelves of OLCC retailers.

The label ID for the product is 1354 and the Unique Identification number is 1A401030002C0B1000002311. Photos of the recalled product and packaging are at the bottom of this press release.

OLCC has provided Cura with a list of the 15 OLCC retail licensees, identified through the OLCC’s cannabis tracking system, as still having Select Tincture 30mL THC Drops – 1000mg Unflavored in their inventories. OLCC has directed Cura to contact these retailers with instructions to remove the product from sale; Cura indicated it began this process before receiving the official notification.

Separately the OLCC is notifying the 15 impacted licensees with information about the recall and has directed them to stop selling and pull from their shelves any Select Tincture THC Drops – 1000mg Unflavored items with the above information on the label. The agency will also notify retailers that have already sold the product in case they receive questions from consumers.

Customers who have purchased this product can either return it to the OLCC licensed retailer they purchased it from or destroy the product.

If consumers have other product related complaints related to this recall they should notify the OLCC at marijuana@oregon.gov and include any information you have, including the consumer’s name and phone number.


Cura THC Drops Label Photos


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