On January 11, 2021, the State Licensing Authority adopted the following updated Emergency Rules in response to COVID-19:

Additions from Last Readoption:

The Emergency Rules linked above expand the scope of options Medical and Retail Marijuana Stores can use to accept orders from customers by incorporating allowances for licensees to provide a mobile device (e.g. tablet) to customers waiting outside of the premises. This allowance is in response to stakeholder requests and is intended to support social distancing practices and efficient operations that can reduce customer wait times and risks of customer crowding/congregation. To prevent against increased risks of transmission of COVID-19, the rules provide that the Store is responsible for ensuring any mobile device it supplies to customers for purposes of taking orders is regularly cleaned and sanitized before each use and consistent with guidance and directives issued by the CDPHE and any applicable local health departments. See Emergency Rule 3-345(B)(2)(a)(i)-(ii) and (B)(3)(a)(i)-(ii).


Note the allowances provided under these Emergency Rules are subject to local jurisdiction restrictions or prohibitions.