One Year Extension To France’s Medical Cannabis Trial Makes Its Way Through Parliament

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LAST month France’s Directorate General of Health (DGS) pushed ahead with plans to extend the country’s medical cannabis trial by a minimum of one year without waiting for the results of the trial to be submitted to parliament.

This move was widely condemned by patient groups, who were only informed of the decision after a press release was leaked from representatives of the agro-industrial sector, who were initially consulted.

The decision also left two points to be clarified – the pharmaceutical status of these products and whether or not they will be reimbursed by health insurance.

It also left many questions around budgetary indications for the postponement of the experiment. Since the 3,000 patient target for the experiment had not been reached, the current suppliers of medical cannabis could be offered to continue to supply their products free of charge. A “lightening” of the device was also mentioned, without further details.


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