Opinion Piece – The Cannabist: New Jersey’s Legalization Push Could Clash Up Against Presidential Politics

As the Cannabist reports this one isn’t going to be bi-partisan.

“I believe our state should lead the way,” Democratic state Sen. Nicholas Scutari said. Scutari, who has authored a bill that would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for people over 21, sketched a scenario in which the drug comes out of what he called a “black market” and gives way to a billion-dollar industry.”

Whilst on the other side of the fence

“As a former federal prosecutor, I’ve been the most outspoken person in this race on this issue,” Christie said in a recent interview with Laura Ingraham. “I am completely, 100 percent opposed to drug legalization; that’s different than being for treatment.”

Politics, until at least the country has a new president is going to play a big part in the legalization process over the next 14 months.

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Here’s you tube channel Young Turks talking the issue a couple of months back


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