Willamette Weekly reports…

A cannabis dispensary owner in Southwest Portland tells WW that employees at two different Fred Meyer locations in the past year, in South Burlingame and Tigard, have refused to process money for her electric bill for her marijuana grow.

Sally Bishop owns Green Goddess Remedies and says she’s used the store’s bill-assistance service to pay her bills for the past six months. But she says an employee last week told her he couldn’t accept the money because she worked in the cannabis industry.

“I felt badly for the kid at the [desk], because he recognized me and he’s helped me before. He says, ‘If I process this payment, I could get fired,’” Bishop says.

When she reached out to her power company, Portland General Electric sent Bishop an email recommending she pay it through a service offered at Walmart. But the service at Walmart, Bishop says, requires a bank account—and cannabis businesses have very limited access to banking services due to the plant’s status as a Schedule I drug federally.