Oregon Cannabis Association Create Legacy Fund For Slain Cannabis Retail Worker, Michael Arthur

The OCA writes in its latest newsletter.

We were all heartbroken by the tragic shooting that took the life of Michael Arthur during a robbery Monday, December 14th while he was working at Cured Green in North Portland

A fund has been established in honor of Michael, we strongly encourage the cannabis community to step-up and donate in his honor. Michael was a selfless individual who loved to help people and serve his community. Michael’s death has left behind a 5-year old son and a large community of extended family and friends who are deeply grieving his loss. 

If you have not done so, please make a gift today. Donations can be made through the GoFundMe, or you can contact us to make a cash or check donation. This is a moment for the cannabis community to come together and support the family of one of our own. The legacy fund has a goal of $100K – together we can hit this goal.  

Here’s the Go Fund Me Link  https://www.gofundme.com/f/michael-arthurs-legacy-fund


The OCA add

Security Recommendations & Safety Resources

The OCA has a running list of security recommendations.

They can be found on our blog:

Security Recommendations

We are helping to collect robbery information for the Portland DA’s office. It is likely that a small group is responsible for the majority of the Portland area dispensary robberies. The more theft data we can collect from dispensaries, the more likely a pattern will emerge. For more information on how to submit your robbery evidence, contact us here. 

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