Oregon Cannabis Association Requests To Move Non-Statutory October 1st Deadline for Testing, Packaging & Labeling Changes

25 September 2016

“Over the last three weeks the OCA and our government relations team has been hard at work trying to move the October 1st testing, packaging and labeling deadline which threatens to harm many, many cannabis businesses. This deadline is not statutory and may be moved at the discretion of the OHA and OLCC.

On Friday, the OCA was invited to give testimony to the Joint Legislative Committee and we spoke directly, and only, to this topic. By offering solution based testimony we believe that we made a real impact on both the Legislature and the regulating agencies. We are hopeful, but not certain yet, that this week the agencies will move back that deadline at least thirty days if not until January 1st.

You can read the testimony offered on behalf of the OCA below this report

We appreciate all of you sharing your stories about how this deadline would negatively impact your business and we have passed these stories on. We are thankful for the others testifying alongside of us who agreed that this deadline must be extended. We are strongest and loudest when we speak together.

The OCA will continue working on this issue until there is no more time left.

Stay tuned for updates!


The Oregon Cannabis Association



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