Here at Cannabis Law News we just thought it interesting that the legalization of marijuana is bringing the industry towards the centre much quicker than many would like to admit.

A few years ago people might imagine a marijuana lawyer to be like someone out of a Hunter S Thomson book or a weekend deadhead.

But it’s great to see that Andrew Deweese principal at Oregon Cannabis Law Group fits none of these cliches instead he likes to collect rare books and play the viola


As it states on his website… welcome to the new paradigm

“Mr. DeWeese was born and raised in Port Townsend, Washington. In his spare time, Mr. DeWeese enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, reading, and adding to his extensive rare book collection. Mr. DeWeese is also a professional-calibre orchestral violist, has toured and concertized throughout Europe and the Americas with some of the most prominent classical and popular artists of our generation, and regularly plays for charitable and community events in “The Chords of Appeal”, an all-lawyer string quartet. His primary instrument is the “Eclipse” viola, commissioned by Mr. DeWeese and crafted by the luthier Thomas Gaetano Sparks.”