Oregon- LaMotaGate: Willamette Week Reports “contract shows she was paid $10,000 a month and an additional $30,000 for every cannabis license obtained outside of Oregon and New Mexico”

And that’s not all..

Fagan has said the amount of time she spent on the contract was “minimal,” but it was far more lucrative than her state salary of $77,000, or about $6,420 a month.

It is unclear from the contract what Fagan’s consulting work consisted of, but one clause shows that the contract is indefinite—there is no explicit ending date. Her professional background is as an employment lawyer but her bar license is inactive so she could not provide her client legal advice. She has no prior experience in the cannabis industry.

As WW reported yesterday, Fagan faced financial struggles when she won election to the secretary of state’s office in 2020. In her position, she is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the state’s elections and auditing state agencies. The bonus clause in the contract with Veriede Holding LLC, the affiliate of La Mota, Oregon’s second largest cannabis company, gives Fagan a powerful incentive to put moonlighting ahead of her day job.

She announced this morning, however, she is terminating the contract.

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