2 February 2017

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Jacob Magley, 34, of Portland is suing 11 businesses and three people for violations of workplace safety laws. He filed the suit in Multnomah County and is seeking $8.9 million in damages.

Magley was working as a contractor in the building when it exploded. The suit claims the company making the extract failed to keep butane from filling the room. He says the facility lacked adequate ventilation and exit routes, automatic sprinklers and gas detectors among other safety features.

According to the suit, he was not given fire-retardant clothing or other protective equipment and was not warned about the dangers posed by butane.

Magley claims that Jason Oei, one of those named in the suit, consumed cannabis oil in a technique called “dabbing” while William “Chris” West handled butane. Magley alleges Oei’s dabbing caused the explosion, which rocked the building on Oct. 19. West, too, was injured in the blast.

Amy Margolis, a lawyer for the pair, declined to comment Monday.

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