Oregon Legislative Update and Summary

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SB 582 – Legal Cannabis Export Bill

We are very hopeful that that SB 582 will be signed by the Gov this year.  That being said Republican Senators have stopped all business in the Senate by preventing a quorum this week.  This includes halting SB 582 which is stuck on the Senate Presidents desk at the moment. 

Due to legislative deadlines for bills and the looming end of the session this delay does make passage much more complicated.  However, we are still confident that this will make it to the Governor’s desk.

SB 218 – Cap on Production Licenses

SB 218, has passed out the Senate and had its first hearing in the House. It would give the OLCC the authority to limit the number of production licenses issued to growers based on the saturation of the wholesale cannabis supply.  This is the governor’s bill and we expect it to pass this year. 

For more info check out the Portland Business Journal article:

Senate Bill 218, which now moves onto the House, would give the Oregon Liquor Control Commission the power to refuse to issue new licenses based on an assessment of supply and demand conditions….

A two-year sunset provision made the idea of protecting current growers from new competitors more palatable to some lawmakers. Others said they came to realize that Oregon needed to signal to federal authorities that it was working to keep cannabis within the state’s borders, or risk federal intervention.

You can read the full Portland Business Journal Article HERE.

Oregon Legislative Summary

Below is a quick rundown of the bills we’ve been tracking this year (with added updates, as of 5/09/19, where relevant).

We’re going to do something a bit different and provide a quick overview of all the bills that we are still tracking – or that have died – in an infographic format to make it easier to see where each bill is.

Hopefully the faces and skulls are self-explanatory for our purposes.

[OLIS is the Oregon Legislative Information System is extremely helpful for tracking bills, and pulling up additional information that may be of interest to you.  Our staff uses it all the time – and you should, too!]

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