Oregon: OLCC Provides Guidance to Recreational Marijuana Licensees on Vaping Illness Outbreak

Portland, OR — Today the Oregon Liquor Control Commission provided its recreational marijuana licensees with guidance regarding the inventory and sale of marijuana products that public health officials are scrutinizing in their investigation of the national vaping related respiratory illness outbreak.

In a letter to licensees Executive Director Steve Marks asked processors and retailers to take a series of voluntary steps to review vaping devices and vaping cartridges containing additives that may be of public concern.

The actions are cautionary steps, in the absence of conclusive evidence, as public health investigators across the country attempt to zero in on a cause(s) for the respiratory illness.

Marks is asking licensed processors to report any previously undisclosed additives in their marijuana products, including Vitamin E oil, “tocopheryl acetate” or “alpha-tocopherol.”

Additionally licensed retailers are encouraged to review their vaping products, and if they think product labels lack clarity consider asking product manufacturers to provide additional information.

The OLCC is also asking retailers to post a consumer information bulletin based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A copy of the letter to licensees can be found on the OLCC recreational marijuana website.



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