Here’s the OCA email that went out today…

Dear OCA Members and Friends,

It has come to our attention today that the OLCC has reduced the daily purchase limits of usable marijuana at OLCC licensed retailers by OMMP cardholders from 24 ounces to 1 ounce. This change goes into effect tomorrow, 8/24, requiring OLCC retailers to comply with the new purchase limits immediately.

In a bulletin displayed on METRC, the OLCC announced that this change is due to suspicious purchase activity detected in the state’s Cannabis Tracking System. The OLCC went on the explain that ‘today’s action on OMMP purchase limits at OLCC retailers is designed to prevent potential diversion of usable marijuana into the secondary illegal market. The OLCC will continue to investigate the suspicious activity and will work with the Oregon Health Authority, which has authority over the OMMP, and if necessary forward investigative findings to law enforcement.” This rule does not affect medical dispensaries registered with the Oregon Health Authority.

The OCA continues to support patients’ access to medicine and will be working hard to help ensure that purchase limits are increased. Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.