Oregon: Portland man sentenced to seven years for armed robbery of marijuana dispensary in Eugene

Oregon Live

A Portland man who robbed a marijuana dispensary in Eugene at gunpoint was sentenced Wednesday to seven years in federal prison.

Timothy Christopher Gaines, 30, was one of two masked men who entered the Green Therapy marijuana dispensary off Highway 99 on Dec. 20, 2019, and demanded money from the store clerk, according to federal prosecutors.

The two ordered the clerk to “Get on the ground. Don’t move. I’ll shoot you! Where’s the money? Don’t (expletive) move!” according to Gaines’ plea agreement.

Gaines then climbed onto a store counter and pointed a gun at the clerk, forcing him to lie on the floor with his arms stretched out, according to the court records.

The two masked intruders stole $912 from the register and four jars of marijuana, prosecutors said.

Gaines was identified through a palm print that police lifted from the counter, according to prosecutors.

Video surveillance footage also showed the armed robbers flee in a Mitsubishi car that had been stolen from Portland, according to prosecutors. The victim who reported her car stolen gave police the full name of the alleged thief, who turned out to have been a cellmate of Gaines in 2012 at the federal prison in Sheridan.

Gaines pleaded guilty to using and carrying a firearm during a crime of violence.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Leah Bolstad said the mandatory minimum sentence of seven years is appropriate, noting Gaines used a gun in the marijuana robbery in a very threatening manner after already having been convicted of a federal firearms crime.

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