Oregon: Portland’s Mayor Elect Tells Local Press That City Has Over Regulated The Cannabis Retail Business Sector

3 January 2016

You can read that interview here

The report goes on to say

Wheeler’s office says the mayor-elect will reduce the city’s marijuana bureaucracy so it won’t duplicate state rules and fees.

“The state has set up a regulatory structure,” Wheeler’s spokesman, Michael Cox on Dec. 30 in response to questions asking for more details on the proposal. “They’re making it work. Reinventing it at the local level is redundant and confusing.


Wheeler’s desire to scale back city marijuana rules is popular among other City Commissioners. Dan Saltzman, who opposed the City Council resolution to regulate marijuana in the first place, says he’s waiting to see what gets proposed.

“I hope the program goes away,” he says. “I haven’t supported it from the outset. I would be thrilled if there was a majority that wanted to introduce something in council.”

Marshall Runkel, chief of staff for Commissioner-elect Chloe Eudaly, says simply, “We’re supportive of the mayor’s approach.”

Commissioner Nick Fish says after a careful look at the program he wants to scale it back, calling cannabis an “emerging craft industry.”

“We overregulated the industry,” he says.

Full Report at: http://www.wweek.com/news/city/2017/01/01/mayor-elect-ted-wheeler-has-the-votes-to-roll-back-regulations-on-portlands-weed-shops/

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