Last week a Vietnamese farmer got in big trouble for feeding his chickens cannabis / hemp and Ecuadorians are giving their shrimp hem and now it’s sheep in Oregon…there’ll be less trouble in the PacNW and there’ll also be some happy sheep

Oregon State University is feeding hemp biomass to sheep to research whether it can be used to feed livestock.

Faculty from the university are replacing alfalfa with different amounts of hemp biomass on five groups of sheep for the test trial, according to the Corvallis Advocate. In addition to a control group, there will be two low-hemp groups and two high-hemp groups.

The researchers will study how hemp biomass impacts animals and their meat. The meat will be tested for smell and taste to determine the commercial viability of hemp feed.

The researchers are also looking to see whether biomass affects the tenderness of livestock meat, giving it a longer shelf life.



Oregon sheep study latest to study hemp potential as livestock feed