Oregon’s Cannabis Industry Association Campaigns Against More Taxes

Here’s their latest missive to members and anybody else that will listen

Hey Folks,

Legislative Emergency – We have just 24 hours to collect petition signatures and submit written testimony against House Bill 2505 which will INCREASE cannabis sales taxes by 7% to a total rate of 27%.

We need to reach our petition goal of 1000 signatures from the cannabis industry before the hearing – please add your name right away!


Help us say, loud and clear, that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – No New Cannabis Sales Taxes In Oregon.

Don’t Wait!

Sign The Petition Against HB 2505 Right Now!


You can view the bill text here – HB 2505 Text


What Else Can I Do to Help

Defeat HB 2505?

We are so glad you asked – We were able to defeat a similar effort in 2021 three times! However it took hundreds of cannabis industry folks writing letters, calling, and submitting public comments to legislators. 

This bill has a public hearing on Tuesday, January 31st at 1:00 pm.

We need you to speak truth to power by Noon Tuesday!

Make your voice heard and submit your own written testimony asking the committee to oppose HB 2505.  It only takes a couple of minutes and we have provided two examples of some messaging that you can use below. 

Here is the link to submit testimony – Testimony Submission Form.

Here are the instructions for how to do it – How to Submit Written Testimony on a Bill.

Email me if need help, have questions, or want to get more engaged with our legislative efforts – Staff@oregoncannabisretailers.com.

Messaging examples that show how easy it is to let the State Government know how you feel about HB 2505:

If you copy and paste please be sure to add in your own personal information in the correct spots.  If you write your own messaging please make sure it is clear, direct, passionate, and respectful.

Example A: My name is [NAME] and I’m writing to urge you to oppose HB 2505, a sales tax that will decrease consumer choice by financially pressuring small businesses. In [PLACE] where I live I can trust that cannabis products are tested and labeled, tracked and legal. I’d like these things to continue to be true!

Please oppose any sales taxes or tax increases. It’s just not the Oregon way.

Example B: My name is [NAME] and I’m writing to ask that you to oppose HB 2505 and don’t let it move forward. Increased sales taxes will only hurt my business adding more financial stress in an already horrible market. My company [NAME] in [PLACE] employees [#] and I am proud of that but I am scared that if this passes I would have to lay folks off to absorb the costs. Simply, this bill would make it harder for us to be price competitive with the illicit market, create more finical instability for my business, and hurt my ability to innovate and expand.

Please oppose any new cannabis sales taxes or tax increases. It’s just not the Oregon way.

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