Organization: Alaska’s Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation

Their about us section outlines their intentions.

Our goal is to work closely with the Alaska Marijuana Control Board as well as state and local legislators to enact Cannabisregulations that serve the best interest of the Alaskan people, the Alaskan economy and consumer groups alike.”

They go on to say

“By joining The Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation(CRCL), you are not merely supporting Cannabis legalization, but are taking an active roll in determining how the industry will be regulated. Bill 13PSUM paved the way for a new and exciting industry in Alaska. Now it’s up to us to decide how the industry will Alaska and its citizens.”

And have bullet pointed the issues they see in Alaska

There is still a lot of work to do to bring 13PSUM into practice in a developing industry. At the CRCL we’re focusing on five key sections of the bill:

Sec. 17.38.080. Marijuana Control Board

  • CRCL promotes industry representation on the governing Control Board.
  • Industry representation should consist of individuals intimately familiar with the business to ensure informed decisions are made in regards to regulation and implementation.

Sec. 17.38.090. Policy Making

  • This section will define industry regulations. It is composed of nine primary issues we must address:
    1. Procedures for issuing and revoking establishment licenses.
    2. Establishing registration fees not to exceed $5000.
    3. Qualifications for facility registration.
    4. Establishing security requirements.
    5. Prevention of sale to persons under 21.
    6. Labeling requirements for Cannabis.
    7. Health and safety regulations such as requiring Cannabis to be free of mold and harmful chemicals.
    8. Reasonable advertising restrictions.
    9. Civil penalties for compliance failure.

Sec.17.38.100. Marijuana Establishment Registrations

  • Numerical limits may be placed upon the number of marijuana establishments allowed to operate in any region.
  • CRCL advocates an intelligent application process and criteria for selection of said establishments.

Sec. 17.38.110. Local Control

  • Local governments may prohibit the operation of marijuana establishments. CRCL will urge legislators to prohibit facilities based upon voter initiative and not personally held views.
  • Each local government must decide how to regulate the time, place, manner and number of establishments are allowed.

Sec.43.61.010. Marijuana Tax.

  • Every marijuana cultivation facility shall pay an excise tax of $50 per ounce sold.
  • CRCL supports this tax and advocates that significant revenue be placed into Alaskan public schools as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

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