WXYZ Detroit reports. More than 70 unlicensed state medical marijuana dispensaries are shutdown as of December 31.

“Those dispensaries that have been operating under that temporary operation have to get a state license in order to continue to distribute marijuana,” Barton Morris, Principal attorney at the Cannabis Legal Group said.

The temporary operators have been given approval from the cities they’re established in, but are still waiting on state approval.

“The applications still haven’t come up yet to the marijuana licensing board and others have been simply denied,” Morris said.

Patients who visit their regular dispensary are now left looking for answers.

“I’m forced to find meds elsewhere, an undesirable, probably not a safe location,” Jeremy Mikeska, a medical marijuana user said.

“I thought we were all set when we did this voting, apparently not, I don’t understand it,” Alan Horn, a medical marijuana user said.

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Source: https://www.wxyz.com/news/region/wayne-county/more-than-70-medical-marijuana-dispensaries-shut-down-over-state-licensing