Texas (KCBD) – Panda Biotech has canceled their plans for a Hemp Processing Facility in Shallowater after the facility failed to pass inspection back in April.

The company is now looking at other locations, including Wichita Falls.

“The company had previously secured the rights to purchase a building in Lubbock County, Texas, in the town of Shallowater, that subsequently failed to pass inspection. Panda is currently evaluating three different facilities to house its industrial hemp processing center, all of which are located in the High/North Central Plains regions.”

The company says the facility, called a decorticator, or a “Hemp Gin” will be the largest in the United States, perhaps the world.

The company distributed 60 tons of hemp seed to several producers back in May to help “jump start” production in Texas.

They say the “promotion is not intended as a buyback program, but as an educational vehicle for Texas producers to experiment with the free seed and have access to essential planting information.” The amount of seed donated to each grower was enough for them to plant test plots, not full production. Growers need to figure out timing, row-spacing, seed depth, fertility rates, etc., and to see how their soil responds to the seed.”

source: https://www.kcbd.com/2020/07/10/panda-biotech-cancels-plans-hemp-gin-shallowater/