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In a surprise announcement yesterday, West Hollywood released the names of businesses sure to up the city’s cannabis game beginning in 2019. The City spent seven months screening 300 applicants for highly-coveted cannabis licenses, which includes cannabis restaurants, cafes, and consumption lounges.

That’s worth repeating: West Hollywood will have actual eateries, lounges, and cafes that allow smoking, vaping, and/or munching on edibles and weed-infused food. WeHo officials began screening applicants in April, where entities spent thousands of dollars to submit detailed proposals to an independent five-member committee. There are five license categories, which brings the following new businesses into WeHo:

  • Eight edibles-only consumption area cafes
  • Eight consumption lounges where cannabis smoking, vaping, and edibles can be consumed on-site
  • Eight medical dispensary services
  • Eight new adult-use retail businesses
  • Eight cannabis delivery services

Each businesses must now secure a West Hollywood business license within the next 12 months, and find a physical location.

This news is a game-changer, and far surpasses what many describe as a stalled dispensary application process in Los Angeles’ Department of Cannabis Regulation. Throughout the country, there are only seven consumption lounges in San Francisco, one in Oakland, and one in Denver. But WeHo’s group of new businesses could place West Hollywood on par with Amsterdam, Netherlands for cannabis tourism, and maybe eventually surpass it.

Eater spoke with three of the approved businesses about their plans.


Soon we’ll be seeing skinny people in oversized sunglasses slipping in and out of  Aeon, The Antidote and Budberry

Go to the Eater page but looking at the mockups we have a small review for each as a special xmas gift for you

Aeon – It’s a mystery – We can’t find any images sadly but their tag line is, shall we say, rather grating.

The Antidote – Clubby Sports Bar – complete lack of imagination

Budberry – Migraine at a regional airport shared airline lounge


Let’s hope the second set of  businesses actually create environments that cannabis users would actually feel relaxed in . Short on ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch !


West Hollywood Approves Cannabis Cafes, Lounges