Paper: Opportunity, Ownership, and Empowerment A Federal Cannabis Framework for Small and Minority-Owned Businesses

WITH EVERY NEW STATE THAT PASSES LEGALIZATION, every new poll that shows increasing bipartisan support, and every policymaker that embraces reforming cannabis law, the creation of a legal, national cannabis industry inches nearer. It is time for the federal government to acknowledge that this industry is here and may soon have access to legal interstate commerce. Recently, the national narrative has focused on the inevitability of cannabis legalization.1 More pertinently, however, is the fact that legalization is already here for much of America. For many of the communities embracing legalization, the focus is on the ability of legalization to create quality jobs. A 2020 report from Leafly states that legalization already accounts for over 230,000 cannabis industry jobs annually.2 Moreover, an analysis of the Colorado cannabis economy concludes that the indirect jobs…..



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