On Thursday, June 24, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Julio Borba, received from the LASCA company, “Drops of CBD” in presentations of:

–  1000 bottles of 25 ml.

–  750 bottles of 50 ml.

–  250 bottles of 100 ml.

This cannabis derivative will be used by the CAMEDPAR Parents Association – Medicinal Cannabis Paraguay, as an alternative therapy. 

It should be remembered that the Law creating PROINCUMEC and its Regulatory Decree establish that the State will promote the production and industrialization of products derived from the cannabis plant, for exclusively medicinal, therapeutic or research use. This production will be aimed at guaranteeing free access to patients included in the National Registry of Cannabis Derived Products. 

In addition to the Minister of Health, the Vice Minister of Rectory and Health Surveillance, Dr. Lida Sosa; the General Director of the DNVS, QF María Antonieta Gamarra; the coordinator of PROINCUMEC, Dr. Cesar Cristaldo. 

As well as, the representatives of LASCA, Mr. Vicente José Scavone and Mr. Luis Avila; by CAMEDPAR, Myriam Pompa, Sally Noguera, Marcos Riveros and Ingrid Vera.