Parole for Dunedin woman who tried to carjack nun during LSD trip

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The NZ Herald reports

A Dunedin woman on an LSD trip who tried to carjack a nun has been granted parole.

Lisa McCormack (24) will be released to a Christchurch address next week, four months before her 28-month sentence was due to end.

The Christchurch Women’s Prison inmate was in South Dunedin on April 25, 2019, when a 74-year-old driver pulled up to the intersection of King Edward St and Hillside Rd with his 80-year-old sister, a nun, in the passenger seat.

McCormack had been using LSD with friends and had what she described as a “panic attack”, believing her heart was going to stop and that she needed to get to hospital.

When the driver did not vacate his seat, McCormack crawled over him, “squashing” the seated nun, and kicking at the driver while flailing her arms.

The driver managed to get out of the vehicle before pulling McCormack out by the ankles.

Members of the public restrained her on the footpath while the victim locked his car.


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