Authored By: Rob Hendrix -Cannabis Consulting Nationwide, LLC

In our legalized, adult-use Cannabis industry in Washington State making sure we do all in our power to keep Cannabis out of the hands of minors is not just a good idea, it’s THE LAW. In fact, it’s a felony if we even accidentally sell our products to a minor. It’s a major violation and often results in large fines and closures which cause the loss of customers, market share, perhaps good employees and yes, sales and profits of course. But you know what may be the biggest loss of all? Industry-wide credibility.

As we’ve discussed before, I’m a big believer in doing what’s right, doing what is necessary to always be improving our chosen industry. Letting our guard down and selling Cannabis in any form to a minor under any circumstances is a setback and a huge black eye on an already roughed up industry. We’ve got to be it doing better and cleaner than anyone else. Get used to this idea. Own it.

I’m not an advocate of technology when we are discussing checking IDs. Shocked? I believe in the human brain, the most powerful tool in the known uinverse. Scanners sound like a good idea and as a tool, they’re fine. The problem with technology is at some point we seem to become reliant upon it and over time, in my view, we develop an over reliance on it. Case in point; you may have one of the newer cars with the backup camera that has a screen and a tone system that lets you know when you’re getting too close to the car or the wall or the whatever so you stop short of coming into contact with said car, wall etc. Then, you get in your older car/truck not equipped with such a warning system but you are on autopilot and just begin backing up, feeling on some subconscious level that you’re not to worry cuz you’re gonna hear that warning tone well before any damage can occur. Then like the old Bat Man show; bam, boom, crack. It’s only then you realize you were mentally in the warning equipped automobile but physically in the older one. Oops. Over relying on technology let’s your guard down, and by extension let’s you and your industry down. But a damaged bumper is chicken feed compared to committing a felony.

ID, ID, ID. The three most important things to keep in mind in Cannabis retail. Everything else is second to this concept. EVERYTHING. Sales, inventory, margins, profits, market share, none of these ideas matters anywhere near as much as keeping your store compliant. ID, ID, ID.

Drill, practice and rehearse. Work with your employees and inform them that selling to a minor is a felony and they run the very real risk of being a felon if they drop the ball. Start your meetings and end your meetings with ID, ID, ID. Greetings in the morning and goodbyes when you’re leaving begin and/or end with, that’s right you guessed it.


Rob Hendrix, owner
Cannabis Consulting Nationwide, LLC
Cannabis Central of Ellensburg, LLC