20 March 2017

Nothing any of us haven’t read before and won’t read again.

We include as an illustration of the level of market awareness and sophistication of these companies and the changes in the market in the last 13 months.

The Post Gazette writes

The seed is planted, the state’s medical marijuana industry soon will sprout, and if all goes well for McKeesport, PurePenn LLC will grow into solid stalk for the upstart industry.

Plant metaphors aside, owners of Downtown-based PurePenn said their team has expertise, among other important advantages, in the medical marijuana business in other states.

They also said they have access to a genetic library of hundreds of cannabis strains to produce high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-oil products. They also have plans to help other processing and distribution facilities statewide, once permits are awarded by the state Department of Health. Awarding permits for 12 processing and distribution facilities and up to 27 dispensaries likely won’t occur until late June, at the earliest, state officials said.

PurePenn officials said state regulations are among the best in the nation, based on rules for production, distribution and sales, all with a strong patient focus.

Full report  http://www.post-gazette.com/business/healthcare-business/2017/03/20/Medical-marijuana-Pa-application-PurePenn-partners-McKeesport-Pittsburgh/stories/201703150153