Here’s the introduction to the piece. It is interesting to note how seriously they are taking the impact of cannabis legalization on the alcohol industry

Inside Counsel report


At Pernod Ricard, Chevlin commands a team of around 20 people, including nine attorneys in the United States and two in Canada. He is also in charge of the government and public affairs group in Washington, D.C., which lobbies on certain issues such as tax reform, alcohol regulations and trade association work. It’s a lot to manage with a national regulatory environment that can resemble a patchwork quilt.

“It’s different for each state,” Chevlin said. “It’s like 50 little countries that we have to understand.”

Beyond scoping out potential legislation that can directly influence Pernod Ricard’s product sales, Chevlin said the company looks outwards, and has lately been monitoring the potential impacts of marijuana legalization.

In the United States, seven states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and in 2016, four more states voted to pass similar laws. Canada, too, is expected to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018.

“It’s something we’re watching very closely,” Chevlin said, “to see if drinking patterns are being impacted by recreational marijuana users, and what impact [that will] have on our industry.”