Peru: Congress Approves Self Cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis Bill

In Peru , Congress approved a bill that will allow the self-cultivation of medicinal cannabis and associative cultivation regulated by the State.

Thus, with 100 votes in favor, zero against and four abstentions , the legislators expanded the scope of Law 30681, which regulates medical cannabis since 2017.

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For example, the bill was presented by the parliamentarians Rocío Silva Santiesteban, Daniel Olivares, Alberto de Belaunde de Cárdenas, Daniel Urresti and Luis Andrés Roel.


What does the medical cannabis self-cultivation initiative allow in Peru?

  • That people registered in the National Registry of Cannabis Users (or their representatives) can form associations and obtain a license to grow the plant.
  • That access to cannabis is guaranteed to patients who need it without cost being a barrier.
  • That associative cultivation be regulated by the State of Peru.
  • That patients and relatives who today already produce their own derivatives of the plant stop being criminalized. 

Likewise, according to Management , Daniel Urresti , head of the Defense Commission, affirmed that this new regulation will benefit more than 50 thousand people. 

Photo by Carlos Ruiz Huaman via Unsplash.


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