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Peru is Drafting a Medical Marijuana Bill

The Commission on Defense has unanimously decided to propose the law that decriminalizes the medicinal use of cannabis,” said Congressman Alberto de Belaunde.

The congressman clarified that the government is not interested in legalizing smokeable cannabis products like flower or shatter, policymakers are instead looking specifically at cannabis oil for the treatment of diseases which include cancer, epilepsy and Parkinson’s.


The proposed bill would authorize the production, importation, and distribution of medical marijuana to anyone with a prescription — doctors would be required to register patients who have been approved for cannabis use.

Domestic cannabis crops in Peru would be licensed and monitored by the government under the proposed legislation.

“It is about improving our children’s quality of life. We thank the authorities who have taken a step toward this,” said Ana Alvarez, the founder of Searching For Hope, an NGO campaigning for medical marijuana in Peru.

Once the bill has been drafted, it will go to the Health Commission in Peru’s Parliament before a debate and vote by the nation’s politicians.