Peter Crock Op Ed For Cannabiz “United we stand”

We will let you read the full op ed at Cannabiz but after reading this i feel very dirty and may well have to go and shower !

Here’s a couple of snippets of sub Trump bullshittery which can be summed simply by  “we need to get certain politicians in the  Liberal & National party onside to say yes to our plans so that we and they can profit from medical cannabis in Australia”, all his talk of arranging a across the board parliamentary committee might be true but it isn’t exactly rocket science to deduce that Green & Labor politicians are on board before even being asked.

We would love to believe comments like this

MCIA chair Peter Crock says the Australian medicinal cannabis industry can be world leading, as long as we work together and always put patients first.

But as we are always being told that his company is building an export business we find this opening gambit , odd, to say the least.

He writes

At Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA), our vision is to have an innovative, responsible and legally compliant industry delivering both economic and social value. We are focused on individual well-being, fostering collaboration and building confidence across the medicinal cannabis sector so patients can effectively access this valuable new medicine.

Well, so far that’s a



Following ….is the statement that explains exactly what they are trying to do.

Create an industry that is essentially a nexus between a few companies and elements of Government .

Remembering that patients will always be the revenue end of the model and will of course accept what they are told and provided by the wise and mighty.

A key achievement of the past 12 months is the establishment of the independent Medicinal Cannabis Health Advisory Council, whose members are focused on providing advice to the sector and Government in relation to improved patient access.


His parting statement  We need an effective and united voice sounds exactly like something out of the Scotty from marketing playbook  eg think like us and be a real Australian and ye shall receive medical cannabis but remember it us deciding what you want / need, we are the experts with the clipboards and pens and not as a medical cannabis CEO told Cannabis a couple of weeks back one of those “stoner hippies”.

Read his full op ed at

United we stand


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