Title: StemCell United looks to capitalise on industrial hemp licence in China

Author: Small

Date: 7 June 2018



Biotechnology company StemCell United (ASX: SCU) has received an in-direct leg-up in China after its close working partner, Yunnan Hua Fang Industrial Hemp (HFIH), obtained its inaugural industrial hemp licence in China.

Stemcell signed a co-operation agreement with HFIH in April this year which included a payment of A$400,000 and several exclusive rights options.

The agreement meant that StemCell could utilise HFIH’s import-export licence and existing market network in China to explore further distribution of its dendrobium-related products and capitalise on future cannabis beauty products developed by HFIH.

Today’s news of HFIH being granted its industrial hemp licence is therefore significant because it permits the company to engage in planting, processing and selling of industrial hemp related products in China.

The licence is directed towards high cannabidiol (CBD) and low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis strains, thereby adding emphasis to the medicinal side rather than the psychoactive side typically attributed to THC.



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Title: High Expectations for Legal Marijuana in Uruguay Despite Challenges: Report

Author: Insight

Date: March 2018



A new report examining the progress and pitfalls of marijuana legalization in Uruguay suggests that the industry has a sustainable future despite some expected struggles, and could offer some important lessons for other Latin American governments that may also look to drug legalization as an alternative to traditional drug policies.

The report, titled “Uruguay’s Cannabis Law: Pioneering a New Paradigm,” was released March 21 by the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) think tank and the Brookings Institution, and details several early successes and failures of the country’s cannabis law while offering some recommendations on how to better manage the industry moving forward.