Police tell Illinois man they found powdered drugs in his car. He breaks down, explains they’re his daughter’s ashes.

If we needed any more examples as to why most drug testing technology still has a long way to go, this one, we’d suggest is very persuasive.

new police bodycam video shows the moment an Illinois dad realizes that the powdered substance cops found in his car console and tested for drugs last year was actually his dead daughter’s ashes.

Dartavius Barnes sees an officer fish the tiny metal urn out of an evidence bag after being told the substance tested positive for meth or ecstacy, and he immediately starts wailing in protest.

“No, no, no bro, that’s my daughter! What are y’all doing?” he cries out while detained in the back of a Springfield Police squad car, according to the bodycam video obtained last week by WICS ABC NewsChannel 20.

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