Pondering Pot Article: Queensland medical cannabis user says police conducted a “targeted attack” to arrest him

They report…...A man from North Queensland believes that police conducted a “targeted attack” to arrest him for cannabis — even though he has a medical cannabis prescription.

He was arrested at 9.25 am on July 22nd, 2021, on Bruce Highway by officers from Deeragun Police. According to his statement in Ingham Magistrates Court, he was making a phone call when three officers turned up behind him. Then, another four officers arrived “within 20 seconds, 30 seconds.” After stopping him, police tested the man for cannabis and charged him with one count of driving with cannabis in his system.

However, he says that before his arrest, police stopped him up to three times a fortnight:

I think it was a targeted attack.

The man has a prescription for medical cannabis and currently sees a doctor at CDA clinics (one of Australia’s biggest medical cannabis clinics). However, he got in trouble anyway.

Read the full story at  https://www.ponderingpot.com.au/qld/queensland-medical-cannabis-user-says-police-conducted-a-targeted-attack-to-arrest-him/

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