Pondering Pot: Medical cannabis continues to boom in Australia, up 117% from 2020

Pondering Pot report the good news for the medical cannabis industry in Australia which as far as we can work out ,is in the main a furphy, whereby the majority of “patients”, if they are willing to be ripped off for telehealth “interviews” by medical cannabis companies can get themselves some high-grade pot.

90% of private conversations we’ve had with “patients” are those people with a bit of cash to spare would prefer to deal with the legal dealers rather than the black market dealers especially during the pandemic where the police have shut down interstate runs of weed into the city.

Everybody knows, it is in the main, bullshit but the government can quietly help make some mates more wealthy and play the law and order game for the upcoming election at the same time. It’s a double win situation.

The “medical cannabis sector” can pretend they are for the people with the people etc etc whilst profiting off them and the TGA can run around hiring more people to shuffle more paper in order to increase their departmental budget for next year.

Meanwhile, those without any cash who might actually benefit from medical cannabis are shut out of the “legal” system because they don’t have the money to pay for “medical” pot and are forced into the black market and thus for some people  eventually into the criminal justice system.

It is a microcosm of how the liberal party currently run this country and all the more depressing because of it, but there you go that’s the way the cookies fall in Australia at the moment.

Pondering Pot has the numbers. Australia the land of suburban accountant thinking just loves having some numbers to bandy about.

Oh and there’s a lovely looking upward trending graph, everybody loves an upward trending graph

SAS-B approvals continue to break records across 2021, with eight of the nine months showing an increase in prescriptions from the previous month.

September saw a huge 13,666 approvals being made to patients around the country, up 27% from August. That puts the total number of approvals in 2021 so far to 86,416, jumping 117% from the 39,823 approvals to September 2020.

The growth is on par with many experts’ predictions of Australia’s medical cannabis industry, with some describing it as an “important and quickly growing medical market” that is “poised to grow” with a CAGR of 30% between 2021 and 2028.

Source:  https://www.ponderingpot.com.au/national/medical-cannabis-continues-to-boom-in-australia-up-117-from-2020/


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